Navy arrests 14 people for trying to enter India illegally

As many as 14 people were arrested by the Sri Lankan navy as they were trying to enter India illegally by boat. The arrested include 12 people from three families and two oarsmen.

The 12 people were natives of Trincomalee in Sri Lanka and the two boat drivers were from Mannar.

The Sri Lankan Navy, in the wee hours of Wednesday, May 4, arrested the 14 people while they were travelling from Mannar to Dhanushkodi in India. The Sri Lankan Navy, while patrolling the low seas off Mannar District, found two boats carrying people trying to cross the international border illegally.

The members of the three families include: seven boys, three women and two men. The 14 arrested people were handed over to the Mannar Police after the first round of investigation.

The Mannar police said that 14 people, including two boatmen, will be produced in the Mannar court after an investigation.