Lanka IOC also limits dispensing fuel to vehicles

Lanka IOC (LIOC), IndianOil’s subsidiary in Sri Lanka, has also decided to limit dispensing fuel volumes for vehicles at filling stations, mirroring the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation’s move.

The move will come into effect from tomorrow (May 09).

Accordingly, filling stations are permitted to dispense fuel worth only Rs. 2,000 for motorcycles at a single time.

For three-wheelers, the limit has been set at Rs. 3,000 worth of fuel.

The maximum amount of fuel allowed to be pumped into cars, vans and SUVs is worth Rs. 8,000.

However, the restrictions are not applied to buses, lorries and other vehicles used for commercial purposes.

The Ceylon Petroleum Corporation put restrictions on dispensing fuel volumes to vehicles on May 05 in an attempt to prevent a shortage of fuel and to curb fuel-related irregularities.