An inquiry was held today at the Tirukovil Divisional Secretariat to issue documents for the undocumented land.

A preliminary inquiry is being held at the Divisional Secretariat in Tirukovil under the chairmanship of T. Kajendran to issue documents to those who have been living without documents for a long time in the Tirukovil area and are engaged in cultivation.

This inquiry is in line with Circular 2008/04.

The event is sponsored by the Law and Society Trust Fund.

Also present at the event were Mr. T. Kajendran, Divisional Secretary, Tirukovil Divisional Secretariat, Mr. K. Satisekaran, Assistant Divisional Secretary, and Mr. Govindasamy, Mrs. Logini, Divisional Secretariat Land Officers, and Land Division Officers and Grama Niladharis .

It is to be noted that this event will be held from 2022/04/28 to 2022/04/29 at the Divisional Secretariat, Assembly Hall, Thirukovil.